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    Castle Karksi

    Castle Karksi interesting for its irregular layout typical of southern Estonia It is built according to the terrain It was assumed that the steep slope and the natural water barrier will be an excellent protection from enemies Originally the castle... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Marge's 17

    Castle Helme

    Helme castle for centuries was known as a fortress which can not be destroyed In Russian sources the castle called Gelmet It is known that the castle was built in the first half of the XIV century Through its placement castle was of strategic... attractions, Cultural objects

    Castle Tarvastu

    Castle Tarvastu this Order Castle which was built around the XIV century The castle was located on the hillside which skirts the river On the north side there is a water mill which had a strategic importance it was an obstacle in the path ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Viljandi Castle

    Location Fellini castle can now be determined by the dilapidated walls Earlier this castle is the second largest area in the whole of Estonia Standing near the ruins of the castle you can enjoy views of Lake Viljandi In the hills of the castle is a... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Mausoleum Barclay de Tolly

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    • Jogeveste
    Mausoleum Barclay de Tolly in Valga County is a small white building with columns and triangular pediment at the entrance The mausoleum was built in 1823 on the initiative of the widow of Commander Barclay de Tolly The project was completed... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Ruyensky Castle

    Ruyensky Castle a fortress auxiliary Karklskoy Vogt Strengthening built on the site of an ancient castle libieshskogo Metsepoles about which there are entries in the annals of the XIII century It is known that after the conquest of the territory of... attractions, Cultural objects


    Ergemsky Castle

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    • Ergeme
    Ergemsky castle which is located in Latvia Valka district village Ergey was built in 1320 The castle is surrounded by impassable swamps which provided him in those years relative safety The official year of construction documents indicate th 1422... attractions, Cultural objects

    Sürgavere park

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