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    Tower Kyi

    • /en/page/bashnya-kiyu
    • Kiiu
    Tower Kyi this is the vassal castle tower in the Baltic States Kia was built in 1517 and served at the same time a residential and defensive function is therefore considered not just a tower but the lock Tower height about 25 meters in diameter... attractions, Cultural objects

    F. R. Kreutzwald kuju

    Song Festival Grounds

    Singing field in each country whose people in a special way to treat such monuments As the name suggests these fields to pick like minded music and ideas It is this field in Estonia in 1988 brought together about 300 thousand who sing like minded... attractions, Cultural objects

    Bronze Soldier in Tallinn

    • /en/page/bronzovyj-soldat-v-talline
    • Harjumaa
    Bronze Soldier in Tallinn a monument dedicated to fallen soldiers in World War II The monument was created by sculptor Anne Roos and architect Arnold Alas The monument is a two meter sculpture of a soldier and a wall with plaques with the names of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Kuukivi Helmepood

    Tallinn Temple Righteous Simeon and the prophetess Anna

    • /en/page/tallinskij-hram-pravednogo ...
    • Tallinn
    The temple in honor of St Simeon and the prophetess Anna Bogapryіmtsa a small coastal Orthodox church the incumbent The temple was founded in 1752 and built as legend has it the wreckage of a sunken ship In 1980 the church was rebuilt several times... attractions, Cultural objects

    Quarter Rottermana

    • /en/page/kvartal-rottermana
    • Tallinn
    The current trend in architecture can be seen in Tallinn quarter Rotermana which is near the entrance to the Old City This quarter is now a busy commercial and cultural center and it is difficult to believe that 10 years ago this place was the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Sculpture cat

    Sculpture cat is one of the most unusual monuments in the capital of Estonia In different cities of the world there are monuments dedicated to this favorite purrs pupils This sculpture is a bent pipe on the roof of a house black cat with long... attractions, Cultural objects

    Business center of Tallinn

    • /en/page/delovoj-tsentr-tallinna
    • Tallinn
    Successful business center of Tallinn this modern skyscrapers of glass and steel high tech hotels and conference centers hundreds of restaurants and bars banks and shops Here you will find everything you can expect from a modern European capital The... attractions, Cultural objects
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