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    Waterfall Yagala

    • /en/page/vodopad-yagala
    • Ruu
    Yagala waterfall on the river of the same name in Estonia 25 kilometers east of Tallinn The waterfall about 8 meters width 50 meters This is one of the largest waterfalls in the country Under the waterfall is a ledge on which you can go across its... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Monument Gustav Ernesaks

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-gustavu-ernesaks ...
    • Kadriorg
    Monument to Gustav Ernesaks it is a beautiful bronze sculpture installed at the famous Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn The sculpture depicts deserved Estonian choral conductor songwriter and composer Gustav Ernesaks The monument is made Estonian... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Monument battleship "Mermaid"

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-bronenostsu-rusa ...
    • Kadriorg
    Monument battleship Mermaid is set in Tallinn Kadriorg Park It is a monument in the form of a bronze angel standing in the granіtnym pedestal with the inscription Rossіyane do not forget 'their heroes martyrs Monument created by sculptor Amandus... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Uus street

    ATC it is very old long and narrow street that crosses the center of Tallinn from north to south Street appeared on maps of the city still in the middle of the seventeenth century in it there are numerous old buildings and other attractions ATC... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Tower "Fat Margaret"

    • /en/page/bashnya-tolstaya-margarita
    • Vanalinn
    Tower Fat Margaret one of the symbols of Tallinn the monument of defensive architecture of the XVI century The tower was built in 1510 1529 years was under the direction of master Gert Koning from Westphalia This squat tower is 20 meters was a... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Restaurant "Elevant"

    To get to the restaurant Elevant will have to climb the spiral iron staircase and then sitting in a comfortable wicker chair to get real pleasure from the amazing atmosphere of this place The fact that the main principle of the restaurant  ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Church of the Holy Spirit

    • /en/page/tserkov-svyatogo-duha-6
    • Vanalinn
    Interiors and facades of the old church of the XIV century perfectly justifies its name the most simple and least decorations So perhaps it should be a repository of the Holy Spirit the nave and two simple cross vaults on four square pillars... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Toompea Castle

    Toompea Castle the personification of the ruling authorities in Estonia now here is the Parliament and one of the towers crowned with the national flag of the country Koepost built in the Middle Ages on the hillside of Toompea at an altitude of... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Witch well

    • /en/page/vedmin-kolodets
    • Kata
    The area is famous for Tuhala the fact that there is a large area in Estonia karst caves covering an area of ​​188 hectares this takes several underground rivers The main feature of the area an abundance of karst landscape which  includes caves... attractions, Natural Attractions
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