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    Naujene -Dinaburgsky Castle

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    • Lauvas
    Naujene or Dynaburgskі Castle a fortress provincial commander of the Livonian Order located on the site of ancient settlement latgalaў It is known that at the beginning of the XIII century Latgallians were driven by Lithuanians who have built on... attractions, Cultural objects

    Nabsky Castle

    Nabsky Castle a fortress vassal of the Archbishop of Riga Information on this strengthening of almost did not survive The first documented mention of the castle dates back to February 23 1318 as any fortress among other castles in the list... attractions, Cultural objects


    Kihnu island

    Kihnu an island in the Baltic Sea area of ​​16 4 square kilometers It is the largest island in the waters of the Gulf of Riga and the seventh largest island in Estonia Administratively part of Pärnu County with the center of the country in Parnu The... attractions, Cultural objects

    Vambola Partyzone

    tõstamaa vallavalitsus

    Limbažii Castle

    Limbažii Castle a fortress Riga archbishop The history of the castle begins with a period when at the beginning of the XIII century was captured by the Crusaders Metsepole which was later handed over to the Riga Bishop Albert It is by the decree of... attractions, Cultural objects
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