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    Narva Castle

    • /en/page/zamok-narva
    Narva Castle (Castle Herman) was founded at the end of the XIII century the Danes conquered northern Estonia Fortress they used as a shelter in the event of an uprising of indigenous people with the help of her they were kept under control and ferry... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Cathedral of the Assumption of the Ivangorod fortress

    • /en/page/uspenskij-sobor-ivangorods ...
    Church of the Assumption in Ivangorod fortress was built in the early XVI century by the Italian master Marcus Greek The prototype was the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is located in Venice After the capture by the Swedes in the XVII century... attractions, Cultural objects

    Narva River

    • /en/page/reka-narva
    Narva River or as it was called in the old days Narva located on the border of Estonia and the Leningrad region The river is 77 km and the total area of ​​the basin covers 56 200 square meters km Arising out of Lake Peipsi Narva often flowing... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Art gallery

    • /en/page/hudozhestvennaya-galereya
    Narva Art Gallery was established in the early 80 ies of XX century to store a unique art collection of the two war torn city's museums Museum Glafira and Sergey Lavretsov and the Museum of Peter the Great The gallery is located in the  XVII... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Ivangorod waterfalls - Narva waterfalls

    • /en/page/ivangorodskie-vodopady-nar ...
    Water from the reservoir hydroelectric turbines pulls bypass ie through waterfalls at the time of the spring floods rainy autumn or when you need to get rid of another floating island Narva waterfalls and rapids sung by Russian poet Peter... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    City Hall Narva

    • /en/page/gorodskaya-ratusha-narvy
    Narva City Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the city of Narva It was built in the XVII century by the famous architect G Teyffelem He designed the building in which the mixed architectural styles of Italy Switzerland and even Germany City... attractions, Cultural objects

    Alexander's Lutheran Church

    • /en/page/aleksandrovskaya-lyuterans ...
    Alexander's Lutheran Church is one of the oldest churches in Estonia It was built in 1881 in the style of nearamanskіm local authorities Before the Second World War the church was the most magnificent structure in Estonia The author of the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Tower "Long Hermann"

    • /en/page/bashnya-dlinnyj-german
    Tower Long Herman is one of the most beautiful and historically significant buildings in Estonia Construction of the tower began in the XIII century However in the XVI century the tower was also completed in height The length of the tower is 30... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument to Lenin

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-v-i-leninu-16
    Monument to Lenin is in the territory of the Narva Museum in the castle Herman Estonia He was moved to the walls of the castle in 1993 with Peter's square of the city of Narva Monument VI Lenin was erected in the central square of Narva in November... attractions, Cultural objects

    Friendship Bridge

    • /en/page/most-druzhby-2
    Friendship Bridge it auto pedestrian bridge connecting not only two cities Ivangorod and Narva but two states Russia and Estonia The bridge was built in 1960 and in May 2010 repaired The emergence of queues both the Russian and the Estonian side due... attractions, Cultural objects
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