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    Mountain Suur Munamägi

    • Haanja, Estonia
    • Mountain Suur Munamägi$$
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      Mountain Suur Munamägi, which rises to 318 meters, is the highest point of the Baltic countries.

      At its top is a 30 meter high observation tower built in 1939. Its construction cost is not small effort - it has been used 36,000 tons of brick and cement 80 raised to the top of the Suur-Munamägi.

      During the war, the tower was damaged and restored only in 1955, located in the efforts of her memorial museum Kroytsvalda that not only restored, but also modernized it. The tower was completed one floor and redesigned stairs. 

      The last restoration was carried out in 2004-3005, respectively. The tower was equipped with an elevator, additional lighting of pedestrian zones, as well as glass cafe, which offers amazing views of the area within a radius of 50 km.

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