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    The historic center of Tartu

    • Tartu linn, Estonia
    • The historic center of Tartu$$
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      The historic center of Tartu looks much younger Tallinn Old Town, although the ancient Tallinn Tartu almost two hundred years. Here, in the old town, is the main historical and architectural monuments of Tartu. In general, they are located at the foot of the picturesque hill Toomemägi - favorite place of citizens and visitors alike.

      Among them, for example, the local university - one of the oldest in Europe, founded in 1632. From the past in the center of Tartu, the ruins of the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, which was built in the XII-XV centuries, as well as a powder keg, which now houses a cozy restaurant.

      No less interesting Town Hall and St John's Church, founded in the middle of the XIV century, and the Tartu Observatory and the famous Botanical Garden. In the center of Tartu operates an incredible array of museums, including the Museum of History of the University of Tartu.  

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