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    Quarter Rottermana

    • Tallinn, Estonia
    • Quarter Rottermana$$
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      The current trend in architecture can be seen in Tallinn quarter Rotermana, which is near the entrance to the Old City.

      This quarter is now a busy commercial and cultural center, and it is difficult to believe that 10 years ago this place was the center of the old buildings.

      This large industrial zone came in 1829, when the rich Baltic German Christian Abraham Rotermann bought the land here. It is based on her indoor shopping courtyard, which sold building materials. Soon Rotermann and his family moved here your shop. So during the XIX century, this area is constantly expanding. It was built many enterprises: a sawmill, woolen mill, distillery, and many others. By the early twentieth century Rotermann factories were the heart of the industrial Tallinn.

      In 1991, at the time of the restoration of independence of Estonia, Rotermann quarter in urgent need of updating. It has since been carried out many different projects to change the area, which gradually breathed new life into it.

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