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    Pirita Convent

    • Pirita, Estonia
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    • +372 605-50-00
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      Pirita Convent, built in the XV century, located in Pirita on the north-east of Tallinn. In the Middle Ages it was the largest monastery in Livonia. Founded in 1407, it lasted only 150 years: in 1557 the troops of Ivan the Terrible turned Gothic castle in ruins.

      Well preserved only the western pediment decorated niches stupenіstymі composed of plіtnyaku main portal and carved stone window frames. In the south-west is still a whole staircase of the former bell tower. Hence the high walls of the monastery opens a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

      Broken fortress and church walls are today backdrop for summer concerts and the annual celebration of the monastery. Near the remains of the fortress in 2001 built a new building of the monastery, who settled nuns acting up this time, the Order of St. Brigid.

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