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    Monument sorrow

    • Tuula, Estonia
    • Monument sorrow$$
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    • Monument grief - a monument on the hill Toomplea, hill mighty hero Kalev, leader eager to freedom Estonians. According to legend, this hill was built of huge stone boulders disappointing his wife Linda after the death of Kaleva. It is a long month mourned his beloved, bringing on his grave stone by stone. One widow stumbled and rolled out a huge chunk of her shoulders. By this time, Linda so weakened and lost arm strength that failed to re-raise this rock. Poor thing villages on stone and started crying, complaining of their bitter fate. Fairy winds stroked her hair and tried to dry the tears of Linda, but the widow did not stop crying. Her tears flowed down the hillside, creating a lake. This lake is still in Tallinn and near him and the stone on which cried Linda.

      Another name for the Monument Monument Linda sorrow. The monument was built in 1920 by the famous Estonian sculptor August Veytsenbergom. Sculpture of a grieving woman sits on a huge stone, carved in marble. Place surrounded by centuries-old linden trees, and you can see the monument inscription about the loss of the widow and her boundless grief.

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