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    Marzipan Museum

    • Vanalinn, Estonia
    • Marzipan Museum$$
    • +372 620-93-53
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      Marzipan Museum - a unique, relatively new museum in Tallinn, dedicated to the confection. Here you can see the form for making marzipan, as well as original products made by local confectioners. For example, marzipan in the form of cartoons heroes or even sweet portraits of famous Estonian leaders.

      During the tour of the museum staff talk not only about the history of the confectionery business in Estonia and in the world, but also the secret of making goodies. A bakers who work there and then show how to prepare marzipan paste and how to use it figures created.

      Museum "grown" from a small room on the marzipan candy factory "Kalev". Over the years, the room was not enough for a huge number of exhibits, and the city government has allocated for the museum a new building on the street Faith.

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