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    Lahemaa National Park

    • Vatku, Estonia
    • Lahemaa National Park$$
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    • Lahemaa - National Park in Estonia, located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Its area is 725 square kilometers, is the most natural park in the country.

      Lahemaa was founded July 1, 1971 (this is the first national park in the USSR) for the protection of the unique landscape of the coast and recreational development. The composition of the park includes many picturesque bays, karst landscapes, land of the old agricultural development, waterfalls and Yagala Nimmeveske and other interesting objects.

      Lahemaa National Park is home to many species of animals and birds, as well as flowers and plants. From these animals, in particular, can be isolated communities lynx and bears.

      In the park is the village Käsmu captains, capes Vihula, Palms and Sagada, a fishing village and museum in Altja Viinistu. Lahemaa - the center of mass tourism and recreation, for these purposes, the park has the appropriate services and fully equipped to visit.

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