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    Kadriorg Park

    • Kadriorg, Estonia
    • Kadriorg Park$$
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      The famous, almost 300-year-old man-made park, which occupies about 70 acres of land on which the gardens and ponds in the Catherine Palace is located in the Baroque style. The park was originally 100 hectares, which is more than today. The most popular part of the park is the Swan Pond and walkway that leads to the palace. The palace was built in the early XVIII century by Peter I for his wife Catherine.

      In the park includes lower and upper garden, where the palace is located in accordance with fountains and flower garden and a pond. Upper Park Save favorite Peter I the Russian style of Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof. At the bottom, a less formal part of the park, you can sit on the benches and admire the beautiful views of the sea. Also in the park is the residence of the President of Estonia and the house-museum of Peter I, and between the oil can be seen sculptures of Estonian artists.

      Famous sculpture park is a 16-meter monument mermaid, built in 1902 by architect Estonian Amandus Adams. Mermaid in the form of a female figure with a cross in his hand sends blessing to where sank the Russian battleship "Mermaid". 

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