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    Park Toila-Oru

    • Pyukhaiyye, Estonia
    • Park Toila-Oru$$
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      Toila-Oru Park is located in the vicinity of the famous Estonian Toila resort, famous for its baths, made in ancient Roman style, and picturesque landscapes.

      The park was laid out in 1897-1899 years St. Petersburg merchant Grigory Eliseev. First park located around the merchant's palace, which is considered a model of architectural art. In 1934-1940 years in the palace complex of the summer residence of the President, but during the Second World War the building was completely destroyed. Park but perfectly preserved.

      Now the park Toila-Oru grows more than 250 species of plants - both European and exotic enough. There is an alley of lime trees, planted over a hundred years ago. Attraction of the park - the restored fountains, gazebo "Swallow's Nest "Pavilion Niyametsa (" Les Witches "), as well as a small park with wooden sculptures. Visiting allowed clock, entrance to the park is free.

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