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    Narva River

    • Narva, Estonia
    • Narva River$$
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      Narva River, or, as it was called in the old days "Narva", located on the border of Estonia and the Leningrad region. The river is 77 km and the total area of ​​the basin covers 56,200 square meters. km.

      Arising out of Lake Peipsi, Narva often flowing "sleeves", thereby forming the island, some of which are large. On a section of river flooded reservoir and downstream river valley is located in the 20-meter deep canyon.

      Famous Narva waterfalls and rapids is the main attraction of the region, no wonder they sang in his works Russian poet Vyazemsky. Narva waterfalls worthy considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe. If for no pent reservoir, the 7-meter height every second he give 380 cubic meters of water. Therefore Falls "includes" rarely - once a week.

      Narva is popular with fishermen who come here to fish catch roach, perch, bream, pike, rudd and other species of fish. Downstream of Narva salmon spawning and acne, and also enjoys the love of many gourmets lamprey.

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