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    Tallinn's Old Town

    • Toompea, Estonia
    • Tallinn's Old Town$$
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      If you are striking medieval architecture and the spirit of antiquity and lures in his arms, the old town of Tallinn - a great place to research streets and courtyards, parts of which were formed in the period from the XI to XV century. XV - XVI centuries considered the gold Age of Tallinn, in fact he played an important role in the Baltic Sea. The economy at that time was high: it has contributed actively building the city and strengthen its borders.

      Old Town is divided into two parts: Lower and Upper (Toompea). In the Upper Town in ancient times lived to know, and the bottom - less wealthy people. The two parts are separated by a fortified wall, which is also well preserved to this day.

      Tallinn is located in the Lower Town Square, which earlier were all mass action. Today, the square also hosts fairs and festivals (Medieval Days and Christmas fairs). In both parts of the city to meet with tourist numerous cathedrals, cafes, palaces and castles that keep the spirit of antiquity and make the old city unique.

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