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    Town Hall

    • Vanalinn, Estonia
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      Gothic town hall - the only one of its kind that remained in the territory of Northern Europe. The first mention of it date back to 1322 year, then it was the building of limestone height of one storey.

      Town Hall changed its original appearance and become more solid building in the fifteenth century, when Reval (Tallinn old name) experienced its heyday. At this time, the town hall expand, it appears the second floor rooms for ceremonies, as well as the tower. As such, she has survived, showing the talent of the then masters of stone and exquisite taste of foreign architects.

      Later in the Town Hall appeared vane, which is popularly received the nickname "Old Thomas". And in the middle of the seventeenth century the building was decorated vodaadvody made in the form of draconian goals.

      In 2004, one of the main attractions talіnskіh celebrated its 600th birthday.

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