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    Cathedral of the Assumption of the Ivangorod fortress

    • Narva, Estonia
    • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Ivangorod fortress$$
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      Church of the Assumption in Ivangorod fortress was built in the early XVI century by the Italian master Marcus Greek. The prototype was the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, is located in Venice.

      After the capture by the Swedes in the XVII century the church was adapted by the Protestant church, and after the capture of Narva by Russian troops in 1704, closed. Orthodox ministry began only forty years later, when in 1744 the church was re-consecrated. By 1757 turned out completely restore the chapel of St. Basil, which has been converted into a warm church. At the same time there was a high hip roof and bell tower in the Baroque style.

      During the Civil War, the church of the Assumption was severely damaged, and the abbot of the temple priest Alexander Volkov, shot by the Bolsheviks. He was later canonized. In the 1930-34's, when Ivangorod was a member of the Estonian Defense Ministry has repeatedly made attempts to demolish the Orthodox church. During the Great Patriotic War, the church was badly damaged, lost the main relic - Our Lady of Tikhvin and other valuables service terminated. Complete restoration took place in the years 1976-85, and in 1994 resumed service. In 2010, Assumption Church consecrated a chapel in honor novapakutnіka Priest Alexander Volkov.

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