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    Witch well

    • Kata, Estonia
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      The area is famous for Tuhala the fact that there is a large area in Estonia karst caves, covering an area of ​​188 hectares, this takes several underground rivers. The main feature of the area - an abundance of karst landscape, which includes caves failures.

      One of the most popular attractions in the area Tuhala - the so-called vedzmіnu Well. It would seem quite ordinary well depth of no more than two meters. But this is only at first glance. During the floods this unremarkable well turns into something strange. The water is rising with rapid speed - almost a hundred liters for just one second. Well literally boils, and people say that these days boils well that evil in Tuhala soared. 

      Near the well a few years ago, the researchers found a place with a very powerful energy, it can be easy to find - it appears an oak post. Unusual energy column is directed vertically upward and has a strong electro-magnetic field. But that's not all like the energy bands in Tuhala found in many karst caves. The neighborhood of the village full of cult stones, dating back about 3,000 years. It is believed that the ancient parish Tuhala famous as a medicinal place, and the people she was known as "Kiki's parish."

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