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    Waterfall Yagala

    • Ruu, Estonia
    • Waterfall Yagala$$
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      Yagala - waterfall on the river of the same name in Estonia, 25 kilometers east of Tallinn. The waterfall - about 8 meters, width - 50 meters. This is one of the largest waterfalls in the country.

      Under the waterfall is a ledge on which you can go across its width, which makes the waterfall is particularly interesting place to visit in both summer and winter. But the most picturesque waterfall in spring, during the snowmelt and flooding.

      Waterfall forms a valley with a depth of about 12-14 meters, and length - 300 meters. Each year, the valley increases toward the source of the river, which is a natural process and explained the destruction of the natural flow of water limestone cliff. Each year, the edge of the waterfall collapse 3 centimeters.

      Down the river, at some distance from the waterfall rapids occur, further, on the right bank of the river, located fort ancient Estonians - Jõesuu, which is one of the largest in Estonia and covers an area of ​​about 3.5 hectares.

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