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    Castle Maasilinna

    • Maasi, Estonia
    • Castle Maasilinna$$
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    • Maasilinna Castle, which is also called Maasilinna Castle, is the object of interest of archaeologists. The excavations, which were started in 2001, opened the castle walls and the ground floor premises.

      The castle was erected Master of the Livonian Order in the XIV century. It was located on the beach in the harbor. First, because of the limited resources of the castle was partly built of wood. In 1345 was held substantial reconstruction-tree replaced the stone. Later were built predzamkovyh strengthening. In the XVI century, the castle was transferred to Denmark, then fascinated by the Swedes. At the same time he became a significant reference point for the Swedish army on the island of Saaremaa, and to eliminate the possibility of future use Castle Swedes, Frederick II, King of Denmark, ordered to blow up.

      Since then, the castle is no longer ўznaўlyaўsya, and now visitors can only see the ruins discovered during the excavations.

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