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    Narva Castle

    • Narva, Estonia
    • Narva Castle$$
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      Narva Castle (Castle Herman) was founded at the end of the XIII century the Danes conquered northern Estonia. Fortress they used as a shelter in the event of an uprising of indigenous people, with the help of her, they were kept under control and ferry pier on the trade route. Over time, the castle became a town.

      Now the castle is a historical museum with preserved interiors and works of masters (flags, weapons, items, architectural details, etc.) in the Tall Hermann Tower (the tallest tower height of 50 m) held an exhibition of the history of Narva XIII before the beginning of XX centuries. In the Knights' Hall and the fortress regular concerts and festivals (eg, Estonian and Russian calendar games, exhibition of works by blacksmiths).

      Around the castle is the city wall and earthworks. Fartyfіkatara E. Dahlberg in 1682 invested most of his work in drafting the fortifications.

      Throughout its existence the castle belonged to the authorities of Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Estonia and the Livonian Order.

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