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    Castle Pöide

    • Tornimae, Estonia
    • Castle Pöide$$
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      Castle prepaid different from other castles in Estonia that is a fortified church. This attraction is located in Estonia, namely near the villages and Kahutsi Irusya. The church can be seen from afar, because it is on the plain. Through the massive building is very similar to the castle. Church of St. Mary Castle today is one of the largest churches on the island of Saaremaa.

      It is known that the foundation of the castle became a dungeon tower, typical of the architecture of the Middle Ages, which was surrounded by defensive walls of stone, which reached a height of 6 meters.

      The last 70 years, the church is empty, but her condition is quite good. Probably, the local parish uses it for worship in the warm. Department of Cultural Monuments allocated 150 thousand crowns for the restoration of the church-castle prepaid in 2003. 

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