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    Castle Tartu

    • Tartu, Estonia
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      Castle Tartu, or as it is called, Dorpat, was known as one of the most powerful fortifications of Old Livonia. The castle was built as the residence of the bishop in 1234.

      Saved plans and results of archaeological excavations suggest that the castle had three wings. In the courtyard between the buildings was a palace well. Arms Hall located in the east wing. In the north wing was found a few premises, the purpose of which in the course of archaeological excavations could not figure out.

      Throughout its existence the castle several times stronger and rebuilt, with the result that the thickness of the walls was very large - in some places it reached 2.8 meters. The total area of ​​the castle was about 6.9 hectares.

      Until today, the castle has left no traces. At the beginning of the last century on the ruins of an observatory was built.

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