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    Risti Küüditatute Mälestusmärk

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    • Piirsalu

    Kennosao Lake Airport

    • /en/page/aeroport-kennosao-lake
    • Konnu
    Kennosao Lake Airport is one of the most popular airports in Estonia It is relatively small in size Interior finishing airport quite restrained and no different architectural masterpieces Most of the vehicles is single engine helicopters  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Castle Koluvere

    Koluvere Castle an ancient Estonian castle of the XIII century Nowadays the castle Koluvere still very picturesque A complex of buildings located on the banks of the river Perfectly preserved several towers the windows of which even have a glass... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument sorrow

    • /en/page/monument-skorbi
    • Tuula
    Monument grief a monument on the hill Toomplea hill mighty hero Kalev leader eager to freedom Estonians According to legend this hill was built of huge stone boulders disappointing his wife Linda after the death of Kaleva It is a long month ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Villa Mikkin

    Vanamõisa sild

    • /en/page/vanamisa-sild
    • Seira

    Castle Lihula

    Lihula Castle which belonged at the time of its construction in the Bishopric of Ösel Wiek today is a historical landmark of Estonia Lihula city landmark Actually from the castle ruins were left alone but they are quite attractive Located on a hill... attractions, Cultural objects

    viimsi Vabaõhumuuseum

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    • Ilmandu
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