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    Quarter Rottermana

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    The current trend in architecture can be seen in Tallinn quarter Rotermana which is near the entrance to the Old City This quarter is now a busy commercial and cultural center and it is difficult to believe that 10 years ago this place was the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Museum of Estonian Architecture

    • /en/page/estonskij-arhitekturnyj-mu ...
    Museum of Estonian Architecture is located in Rottermana quarter in a building that used to be a salt composition The museum was founded here in 1991 In the Estonian Museum of Architecture you can get acquainted with the development of Estonian... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Restaurant "Vapiano"

    • /en/page/restoran-vapiano-1
    International network of fast food restaurants Vapiano a real discovery for fans of Italian cuisine Traditionally in restaurants Vapiano food is prepared in front of visitors virtuoso chef cook quick and tasty so you can be sure  that the food... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Restaurant "Restaurant O"

    • /en/page/restoran-restaurant-o
    Restaurant U is popular as a great place where you can eat well and have a good rest in the company of friends Here everything is at a decent level and the quality of food and service friendly waiters nice interior The only drawback  Somewhat... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Tallinn Passenger Port

    • /en/page/tallinskij-passazhirskij-p ...
    Tallinn passenger port a seaport located almost in the city center 10 minutes from the Old Town Hence are daily flights to Helsinki and Stockholm where there is the opportunity to purchase a one day cruise tour package which is much cheaper than... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Admiral Restaurant

    • /en/page/restoran-admiral
    Restaurant steamship Admiral opened in 1996 and operates from 12 00 to 23 00 all year round or to your pre booked Kitchen here from the Adriatic to the Balkans and from the Baltic to the Black Sea Mediterranean Balkan Russian European In the menu... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Admiralty Pool Tallinn

    • /en/page/admiraltejskij-bassejn-tal ...
    Admiralty pool is located close to Tallinn Tallinn Passenger Port near the marina is full of boats and yachts On the waterfront hosts various festivals devoted to the City Day New Year as well as in the territory held annually  museum exhibition... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Restaurant "Peppersack"

    • /en/page/restoran-peppersack
    The restaurant is known for its medieval interior is decorated in the Gothic style clean lines and even staging tables recalls the institution of the Middle Ages On the walls are burning dim torches high chandelier with lots of pale light   and... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Cafe Pushkin

    • /en/page/kafe-pushkin-1
    Cafe Pushkin offers a taste of traditional Russian and Slavic cuisine Cafe is the kind of club lovers of Russian culture The interior is made in the style of the XIX century Light colors create a festive and elegant atmosphere Here are regularly... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Tallinn Temple Righteous Simeon and the prophetess Anna

    • /en/page/tallinskij-hram-pravednogo ...
    The temple in honor of St Simeon and the prophetess Anna Bogapryіmtsa a small coastal Orthodox church the incumbent The temple was founded in 1752 and built as legend has it the wreckage of a sunken ship In 1980 the church was rebuilt several times... attractions, Cultural objects
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