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    Town Hall

    • /en/page/tallinskaya-ratusha
    Gothic town hall the only one of its kind that remained in the territory of Northern Europe The first mention of it date back to 1322 year then it was the building of limestone height of one storey Town Hall changed its original appearance and... attractions, Cultural objects

    Marzipan Museum

    • /en/page/muzej-martsipana
    Marzipan Museum a unique relatively new museum in Tallinn dedicated to the confection Here you can see the form for making marzipan as well as original products made by local confectioners For example marzipan in the form of cartoons  heroes or... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Latin Quarter

    • /en/page/latinskij-kvartal-2
    Tallinn Latin Quarter located between the street Vene and defense of the medieval wall It was here that in 1246 the monks of the Dominican Order founded his monastery In the magnificent church of St Catherine they hold services in Latin and ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Tower "Fat Margaret"

    • /en/page/bashnya-tolstaya-margarita
    Tower Fat Margaret one of the symbols of Tallinn the monument of defensive architecture of the XVI century The tower was built in 1510 1529 years was under the direction of master Gert Koning from Westphalia This squat tower is 20 meters was a... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Restaurant "Olevia Rezidents"

    • /en/page/restoran-olevi-rezidents
    Restaurant Olev Rezidents is in the same hotel in the Old Town of Tallinn This is a place to meet friends business negotiations or to relax after sightseeing The restaurant menu appear Italian and French cuisine as well as a large selection of... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    House "Three Sisters"

    • /en/page/dom-tri-sestry
    One of the main attractions of the street Pikk is a complex of medieval trading houses Three Sisters Three Sisters combine three typical Hanseatic period merchant houses with high gable roof The owners of these houses the first mention of which... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Restaurant "Chakra"

    • /en/page/restoran-chakra
    The restaurant Chakra located in the Old Town you can enjoy some of the national dishes of Indian cuisine perfectly prepared by experienced chefs Almost all of them South Asians so the authenticity and accuracy of the recipes can be no doubt  ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Bocca Restaurant

    • /en/page/restoran-bocca
    Bocca Restaurant is included in the list of the ten best restaurants in Estonia in 2008 The restaurant offers Italian cuisine The average bill is between forty to sixty euros In 2003 the restaurant has received international recognition According to... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Church of St. Olav

    • /en/page/tserkov-svyatogo-olafa
    The spire of the church of St Olaf seen from afar and is considered one of the symbols of the Estonian capital In medieval times the house was considered the highest in the world and its height reached 159 meters However fires and lightning did not... attractions, Cultural objects

    Estonian History Museum

    • /en/page/estonskij-istoricheskij-mu ...
    Estonian History Museum a museum dedicated to the history of the country and is located in Tallinn Located in a building on Pikk Street in the Old Town of Tallinn Branch of the museum is located in the castle Maaryamyae in Pirita The castle is... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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